Create an online brochure that will help potential clients, customers, and partners learn about your company and look at it in a favorable light.You want people to know who you are, what you do, where to find you, and how to contact you.

Save money by means of online efficiencies. Companies have used the Internet to save billions of dollars. You’ll have some kind of ordering system for one or more products, or perhaps an extensive online catalog. You may offer an online service that can be delivered over the Internet or that can be initiated online. Internet advertising is improving, but is still under-priced. Earn affiliate commissions for sales and leads generated through links on your  web design website. Savvy marketers are building microsites designed to generate search engine traffic for a particular hot product or service. When a visitor clicks on one of their links, he is referred to an e-commerce site, and, if a sale results, the affiliate gets a commission. Perhaps a form on your site generates leads or subscriptions for another company. Provide customer service and support. Why should a website look good? Why should it look professional? Because like the sign hanging over a store in the strip mall, your website reflects upon you and your business. If the sign’s lettering looks crude and homemade, people won’t say, “The thrifty shopkeeper is trying to save money by making his own sign. You owe it to yourself to make your website look top-notch. To succeed, you’ll need some artistic flair, or perhaps you should hire a graphic designer’s talents for the basic design and site graphics. The page is designed with colored cells of HTML tablets  that take practically no download time. Most of the parts that are blue, black, dark grey, and light gray are table cells. One of your best website investments will be in a few excellent, royalty-free stock photos. Well composed photos add a touch of class to your web design .

Such tablets  provide a visual center of interest in an otherwise plain webpage, add spice and color. If you don’t want just dull pictures of business people in suits than  create a sense of energy and maximum effort, you might use a theme of photos from competitive sports, for example.